about ZIS AS // ZeroImpactStrategies

ZeroImpactStrategies as an idea was formed in 2007, when the environmental impact of the building industry was highly debated both in Norway and internationally. It was labelled a major contributor to the global temperature rise, responsible of up to 40% of the global CO2 emissions. Taking a step aside to understand how we contribute as architects, and trying to find ways of reducing the impact, was inevitable.

Thus ZeroImpactStrategies was born as a side venture in late 2009.

ZeroImpactStrategies went from a side venture into full operation in 2011, with projects spanning from large scale planning strategies to the smallest of items. From 2015 the company was transformed to an AS (Ltd) and renamed ZIS AS. Through competitions we are trying to find new and smart solutions which doesn´t do more than necessary, investing in quality in stead of quantity, and thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

In essence – do less with more to gain.

The company is led by founder Eirik Rønning Andersen, sivilarkitekt educated at the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. He is a member of Norges Arkitekters Landsforbund (the national association of architects in Norway). As a professional acteur for the building industry in Norway ZIS AS // ZeroImpactStrategies has sentral godkjenning tiltaksklasse 2 (the Norwegian licence to be judicially responsible for projects up to medium size and complexity). ZIS AS // ZeroImpactStrategies is also a member of Arkitektbedriftene i Norge (the supporting organization for practising Architects in Norway).