Extension to Sundhöllin Reykjavik

«Sundhöllin in Reykjavik is the oldest swimming hall in Reykjavik and a listed building of iconic architecture. The new extension and outdoor swimming pools gently add to the existing architectural equilibrium, and form a new pool landscape all the way from the street to the waterslide with a view over the eastern parts of Reykjavik.»

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S Barónstígur

Bálstofa at Laugarvatn

«A new place to meet, kindle fire and play in the woody hills above Laugarvatn in Iceland –  the «bálstofa» settles lightly onto the sloping terrain and takes advantage of a local promontory in the landscape making sheltered outdoor space towards the sun  – at the same time as it frames the panoramic scenery of Laugarvatn»

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AS perspective from S